About the Visionary

About the Apparitions

About the Visionary
Maureen is a very shy, timid, frail housewife and mother of four grown children and is a grandmother to many grandchildren. She grew up in Cleveland, OH and resides with her husband, Don on the miraculous Maranatha Shrine and Spring site. They have traveled across the United States and throughout the world, spreading Heaven's messages of Holy and Divine Love, which leads to personal holiness and Union with God's Divine Will.

Maureen's spiritual director in 1999, Reverend Frank Kenney, a Marianist priest from Dayton, Ohio who holds a doctorate in Marian theology, and the late Archbishop Gabriel Ganaka, and Maureen and Don met with His Holiness, John Paul II, on August 11, 1999 and presented him with the Holy and Divine Love messages.

The visions, apparitions, and messages began for Maureen in 1985, with Jesus and with Blessed Mother. Our Lady and Jesus appear on a nearly daily basis. Maureen has also experienced visions of Saints Michael and Raphael, St. John Vianney, Cure D'Ars, St.Padre Pio, St. Therese, St. Thomas Aquinas, Juan Diego and others.

Heaven has asked Maureen to undertake various apostolic activities throughout these years since 1985, all related to encouraging individuals of all faiths: in prayer and sacrifice for an end to abortion and for peace in the world; in living the two great Commandments of Love; in prayerful support of priests and the Vicar of Christ, and in devotion to Our Lady as our Protectress and Refuge in all areas of faith and virtue. Our Lady has said repeatedly throughout the messages to Maureen that She is preparing souls for Her Son's return by an outpouring of graces, and by the reiteration of His simple Gospel message in the messages of Holy and Divine Love. And thus Maureen's apostolic efforts have now been concentrated on propagation of these Heavenly messages.

Maureen had remained anonymous for many years. Due to the extreme urgency of the times, Our Lady has requested Maureen to step out in faith with holy boldness and speak publicly - a great trial for this shy and reluctant woman of frail health. Our Lady has requested many undertakings, including:

1. The establishment of:
a.)Prayer Cells/Chambers internationally
b.)An Ecumenical Lay Apostolate known as Holy Love Ministries
c.)A Lay Secular Order known as the Missionary Servants of Holy Love
d.)The Confraternity of the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary

2. The promotion of the United Hearts Chaplet and Scapular

3. The assistance of Regional Leaders known as Guardian Angels in the evangelization of the Messages of Holy and Divine Love

4. The promulgation of devotion to Mary, Refuge of Holy Love with its miraculous image

5. The distribution of countless prayers and meditations

In 1993, Our Lady began Holy Love Ministries and then requested that the Ministry procure property for a shrine in Lorain County, Ohio. This was accomplished in 1995 (85 acres) and is now known as Maranatha Spring & Shrine, home of Holy Love Ministries, an Ecumenical Lay Apostolate to make known to the world the Chambers of the United Hearts.


About the Apparitions
Since 1985, Jesus and Blessed Mother have been appearing to Maureen Sweeney-Kyle on an almost daily basis and have given her a series of missions to accomplish.

1986 – 1990

1990 – 1993

1993 – Present
The combined Revelations of MARY, REFUGE OF HOLY LOVE and the CHAMBERS OF THE UNITED HEARTS (The Secrets Revealed). In 1993 Our Lady asked that this Mission be known as HOLY LOVE MINISTRIES.
*Approved by Bishop in Ecuador as Mary, Guardian of the Faith in 1987 – Visionary Patricia Talbot