February 19, 2017

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says: "Praise be to Jesus."

"These days, dear children, Satan is everywhere trying to spread his influence towards the destruction of souls. He has encouraged apathy amongst the Christian population. This is why Jesus desires this nation be raised up as a sanctuary for Christian belief. Here Christians would be protected not only physically, but spiritually, as well. Spiritual freedom encourages deeper faith and the right to choose to be holy."

"While there are false ideologies in the world today that promote physical harm to Christians, the greater threat is the insidious apathy of so many who are Christian in name only. To these it does not matter what rights they have and they freely surrender their identity as Christ's followers."

"Your nation, as a Christian sanctuary, would greatly increase and encourage Christ-like piety. This would be a powerful statement in a world that worships secularism."