April 2, 2003

"I have come to help you understand this Sixth Chamber of Our United Hearts. When you try to comprehend what I tell you on your own, you get into trouble. I am your Jesus, born Incarnate."

"The Sixth Chamber - the Will of My Father - clothes all the other Chambers, and yet to reach it you must pass through all the other Chambers - for the Sixth Chamber is the highest Heaven. So, how can you pass through it but not be contained in it? In order to get into the First Chamber which is Holy Love, the soul must, to some degree, pass into My Father's Will - for Holy Love is the Divine Will as is every Chamber."

"At the beginning, the Will of My Father acts as a sieve - filtering out iniquity and self-will, and helping the soul to hang onto the Will of God. With each successive Chamber more of the soul's own will slips through the 'sieve', and more of the Divine Will fills the soul. The souls that do reach the Sixth Chamber - the highest Heaven - either, in this life or the next - are consumed with the Divine Will and no longer exist alone - only in God."

"You ask Me to explain the concept - the highest Heaven. I cannot explain it in human terms. It is not a concept or a place. It is more of an experience. Certain ones may come close to this experience, but most never reach it."