January 10, 2017

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says: "Praise be to Jesus."

"Entrust the future to the grace of My Immaculate Heart, for herein lies the solution to every difficulty - be it personal, national or worldwide."

"I have not chosen this time or generation for this Revelation of Holy Love. The Eternal Father has chosen it. He chose the way the Messages* would be imparted to the world, the messenger and this particular Diocese.** He foresaw every obstacle and difficulty that would arise, the lies, the calumny, the faithful who would lend support and each one who would oppose Heaven's Intervention. The Father has not changed His Mind, but perseveres amidst every crisis of Faith. You must do the same without regard for other's opinions. Always stand united in the Truth."

"This Diocese is a microcosm of the woes within the Church, where Truth is too often hard to pinpoint and act upon. Turn to Me, your Mother. My Grace will assist you in choosing Holy Love."

* The Messages of Holy and Divine Love at Maranatha Spring and Shrine.
** The Diocese of Cleveland Ohio